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Having a Quinceanera, Wedding, baby shower, or another event that requires security guards in the Coachella Valley? We have a team of highly trained security guards ready to keep you and your guests safe. Contact us today for a quote for security guard services.

Guard to Guest General Ratios

The following ratios should be considered a general guide when deciding on the numbers of security officers.

Standard practice is to have one guard stationed at each entry point.

Less than 10 guests with one entrance, 1 security guard.

Between 10 – 50 guests with two entrances, 2+ security officers.

50 – 100 guests with three entrances, 4+ security officers.

100 – 250 guests with three entrances, 8+ security officers.

250- 1000 guests with at least four entrances,30+ security officers.

The above ratios are for considerations and not a dictation of hard rules. Remember, whenever alcohol is involved means more security officers than usual, and where there are young adults and alcohol, the usual number of officers needed can be tripled.

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