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Valley Patrol, Enhancing Security Services in the Coachella Valley with Echo911 Communication Center

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

At Valley Patrol, we pride ourselves on being a top-notch security company that stands out from the rest in Coachella Valley. Our transparent and accountable management, unique operational style, and comprehensive training programs are just a few of the many elements that set us apart. However, one of our most significant distinctions is our commitment to being responsive to our clients, as well as their guests and residents.

To ensure exceptional responsiveness, communication is crucial. That's why we have partnered with Echo911 - Mission Critical Communications & Dispatch Services, a leading provider of emergency communications and dispatch services. This partnership enables us to provide an unmatched level of service to our clients in Indio, Palm Desert, and the surrounding Coachella Valley areas.

At every location served by Valley Patrol, we make it a priority to provide residents, patrons, and clients with our contact information for emergencies. Our direct phone number, 760-565-2264, connects them to the Echo Dispatch Center, where our officers are dispatched 24/7 via radio.

In the event that our officers are off duty, the call is either routed to the local 911/county dispatch center for urgent matters or held until our officers are back on duty for non-priority calls. This ensures that our clients are well-served, even if our officers are unavailable.

The Echo911 Communications Center is not merely a temporary employee at a desk. Instead, it is staffed by a team of state-certified communications officers (dispatchers) who deliver the same quality of service that you would expect from a municipal 911 center. Dispatchers also monitor the security officers' GPS and conduct regular status checks on the guards to ensure everything is running smoothly. They can dispatch additional security officers, supervisors, and emergency services when needed.

By partnering with Echo911, Valley Patrol demonstrates our dedication to effective communication and our commitment to providing top-tier security services to our residential and commercial clients in Coachella Valley. With Valley Patrol and Echo911 working together, clients can have peace of mind knowing they have the best security and communication services available.

So, if you're looking for the best security services in Indio, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Sky Valley, and throughout Coachella Valley, choose Valley Patrol. Our collaboration with Echo911 ensures that we can provide the responsiveness and professionalism that you deserve.

A depiction of Valley Patrols security dispatch center.

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