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At residential and commercial real estate property, the potential for loss of income due to theft, vandalism, or squatting has never been higher. Criminals have become emboldened by the lack of punishment for property crimes. Theft of copper wire and or plumbing can cost upwards of $20,000 on average. Squatters can move in without you knowing and the legal process to have them removed after they have established tenancy also can cost thousands of dollars.


Properties may sit vacant for a while on the market for a number of reasons. Keep properties secure while they wait for potential buyers by hiring us to do random property checks. Some vacant property insurance premiums require regular security inspections. Patrol officers can conduct basic security checks of the exterior of the property or can perform complete interior inspections of the premises. If you are a real estate agent representing the owner of a property that is currently vacant for any number of reasons, consider recommending that the property be added to a regular security patrol route.


Adding a vacant real estate property to a regular security patrol route will make the property an unattractive target for vandals and thieves. It will also make sure that the property is always ready to be shown and that there will be no surprises that may tank any potential real estate deals. Security patrol services can be contracted to regularly check the property any number of times per week, or can be utilized without a contract for on-demand security patrols whenever the property requires a security check before an open house or a showing. Contact us to find out more about security patrol services.

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