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  Short-Term Rentals have become a major business in the Coachella Valley area. Complaints from neighbors have driven local municipalities and homeowners associations to enact strict ordinances and rules regarding noise levels, occupancy levels, parking, and a requirement to have a local contact available to respond 24/7 within 30 mins of receiving a call from the city. Violating these ordinances could lead to thousands in fines, loss of license, and being blocked from listing your vacation rental on Air BNB or VRBO.


  Our team is ready to respond 24/7 at a moment's notice and act on your behalf to address any issues. We also can schedule patrols of the property to help prevent any issues before they arise. Valley Patrol Services is the most experienced security guard service near Indio and Coachella when it comes to rentals. Contact us for further questions about how we can help you keep your vacation rental safe and hassle-free.

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